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Hand Made

Started Since 13 Years Ago

We Make Authentic Jute Products

Here at Chouhan Rugs, we provide luxurious, environmentally conscious rugs for your home. Experience the elegance of our well produced jute products, which include hemp, cotton, and jute rugs. Discover our extensive selection of handbags, wall macramé, jute cushion coverings, and pillow covers. Our devotion to environmentally friendly production practices guarantees that every piece embodies our commitment to both style and environmental responsibility. With Chouhan Rugs, you can transform your environment and bring mindful living and timeless beauty together.

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We craft jute products with hands only

Savor the classiness of Chouhan Rugs, where skill and creativity collide. Enter our world of handcrafted, pure jute products, which are carefully designed to provide a touch of elegance and sustainability to your living area. Experience the everlasting beauty of our unique designs that will add authenticity and environmentally aware workmanship to your decor.

Hand Crafted
Ancient Crafting Techniques

Crafting Elegance, Weaving Dreams: Chouhan Rugs, where every thread is an expression, and every creation is a testament to timeless craftsmanship.

Gyan Singh Rajput

Founder Chouhan Rugs

Chouhan Rugs

We specializes in crafting eco-friendly jute products – rugs, cotton rugs, hemp rugs, cushion covers, pillow covers, handbags, and wall macrame. Elevate your space sustainably with us.

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